How to begin

1. Find your home
Browse our homes and find the one you love!

2. Book the room directly on the website, or contact us for more questions
If you are ready you can proceed with the booking, or you can reach out for questions.

3. Confirm the reservation
Complete a simple application, pay your deposit, and prepare to move in!

Getting started

The application process can be completed online. After being in contact with one of our team members, we will send an application link which is simply to get some general information about you. You will be asked to provide your SSN if you have one, a letter verifying your purpose in the city you are applying, and a government issued ID or passport. Should you not have a SSN, do not worry! You would just have to send us a photocopy of your passport/visa.

Move-in costs are your first month’s rent and the security deposit. The security deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent.

Easy Living does not charge a broker fee! If you are moving into one of the rooms in Manhattan there is a service fee associated with the property you are moving into. This is a one time fee paid upon reservation of your room. The service fee structure is as follows:

2-3 month stay: $499

4-5 month stay: $699

6+ month stay: $899

We look for people who are moving from abroad or from a different city and who are excited to live with others. When applying for one of our rooms, we look for people who are going to school, interning, or recently started working. No criminal history related to personal safety or property damage.


This means we do not have any homes in that location yet. We are constantly growing, and if you decide to go with one of our current locations it is easy to transfer to a new room within that city when we add more locations.

All residents will be expected to agree and adhere to a common set of house rules.

You will also receive the list of rules via email so you can keep them with you if you are unsure of something.

All residents have their own furnished private bedroom within the home. Residents are to share the furnished common areas in a respectful manner.

Easy Living can enter the home by giving a 24 hour notice via email to current residents of the home. Once we have notified the residents of an upcoming showing, Easy Living proceed with the visit.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the property. Resident and their guests may not engage in any illegal drug-related activity, including but not limited to medical cannabis on or near the premises. Easy Living have the right to terminate this agreement if resident and/or guests engage in such activities.

While we love pets, we only consider service animals.

If you have a service animal, it’s up to the housemates to decide whether they are comfortable having an animal in the house.

Due to the close quarters laws, the housemates are able to make the judgement call without violating any housing accessibility laws.

As provisioned under the ADA and FHA, we would need to review the following criteria:

  • Documentation from a health care provider confirming the need for the animal.
  • Health and wellness documentation for the animal, including immunization/vaccination records.

Residents can choose between 3-12 month lease terms with Easy Living. There are also flexible options for you to transfer to another Easy Living home without breaking your lease agreement.

Hygiene is one of the number one prioritize in the Easy Living homes. Prior to a new check-in, the bedroom and common areas will be cleaned by a professional cleaning crew. However, this is not enough to keep the home clean at all times. There is a weekly rotating cleaning schedule amongst all the roommates in the home. So in a four bedroom home, each resident is expected to clean once every four weeks.

Parking spots with Easy Living is limited. Unless you have parking included in your agreement, you are not allowed to park inside the property. Street parking is allowed outside most of our properties. Guests are not allowed to park inside the property at any time. Only cars which have been registered are allowed within the property.

As soon as the trash can in the kitchen is full, it is required to bring it outside to the dumpster, or the trash chute.

For most of the Easy Living properties, a garbage company will come pick up the trash from the dumpster located on the property. For the St Andrews Collection you will need to bring the garbage cans to the street curb on Tuesday, and bring them back in on Wednesday afternoon. The residents in this property are required to rotate this responsibility weekly.

If you lose a key, get in touch with us and we will guide you to a solution.

Visitors are welcome as long as your roommates are informed and are ok with it.


In order to build safe and comfortable communities, all Easy Living residents are vetted through an application process and background check.


We’re committed to providing residents in the Easy Living community with an outstanding living experience. Part of this includes, but is not limited to, the provision of the following furnishings and services for our residents and Easy Living homes:

Timely response and resolution of maintenance requests, high-speed internet, furnished bedrooms and common areas – varied on a home-by-home basis at the discretion of Easy Living, all home utilities, items and services that ensure the safety and security of each home and our residents, and any other furnishing or service determined necessary by Easy Living.


We encourage our residents to use their personalized online resident portal to make payments online. If you wish to pay through a different payment method you can use one of the following:

  • Zelle (Contact us at info@easylivingspaces for info)
  • Wire transfer (use the account information provided at the bottom of your invoice)
  • Direct deposit
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Be sure to make payments ahead of the due date in order to avoid any late fees. Late fees will apply to your next month bill (or from your security deposit if it is your last month).


Utilities are not included in the price. Easy Living charges a flat rate of $75 per resident per month in utility costs. For LA it is $85 per month.

Utilities include: internet, sewage/water, electricity, gas, and trash/recycling.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Yes, we are! We are currently doing our utmost to help during this uncertain time. We welcome applications and our team is ready to answer questions and help you find a new home whether it is temporary or long term.

Yes, moves are still allowed during this time. Please make sure you’re feeling healthy before embarking on a move, and we recommend you follow the CDC’s and your local health agency’s best practices and recommendations and take precautions they recommend to ensure your move goes smoothly


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